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Friday, August 7, 2020

Clothing the Californio: The Lecture -- part of CoCoVid and Virtual FrockCon 2020, and other news

Elizabeth Urbach in
Californio costume. 
Hello again!  I have a few pieces of news to share! 

First thing: The Cup That Cheers is now also a YouTube channel!  I've gotten some messages over the years, telling me that some readers wish they could see me make the historic recipes and some of the historic costumes, that I've written up and posted here on the blog, and this spring and summer's time spent in lockdown gave me more time to think about creating educational videos.  Since I work at an elementary school which will be starting the school year online, some of the videos will be aimed at elementary and middle school-aged children and the time periods that they study in Social Studies, but others will be aimed at an older audience, and will include making historic recipes and costumes, as well as costume history.  I also taught beginning hand-sewing at my school, and I will be translating that class into a series of videos for the channel. 

Clothing the Californio title card for
YouTube videos. 
Creator: Elizabeth Urbach

Second thing: I participated in an online costuming conference last weekend, called CoCoVid, which was one of several virtual events that were scheduled to replace Costume College in Los Angeles, which had to be canceled because of the Coronavirus social distancing and shelter-in-place requirements.  While Costume College is expected to occur as usual in 2021, over 140 YouTube videos were posted during the weekend of July 30 - August 2, and most will remain on YouTube for the foreseeable future!  Search YouTube for the term "CoCoVid" and see several playlists of all of the videos.  I translated my Californio costume posts from this blog, into a lecture with a slideshow, updated the information, filmed the whole thing in 2 videos, and posted them to The Cup That Cheers on YouTube as part of the event.  The links are here:

"Clothing the Californio in the 18th century"

"Clothing the Californio in the 19th century" 

Virtual FrockCon logo.  Creator: Trystan Bass
Third thing: there is another online costuming conference from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, tomorrow (Saturday, August 8) on a variety of platforms, called Virtual FrockCon 2020, which will involve about 40 more costume-related classes and demonstrations, and I will be presenting "Clothing the Californio" again, but this time as a live presentation on Zoom.  There is also a PDF file with a bibliography and images, that is available for $5 per copy (e-mailed to you), for those who want it.  There is room for up to 100 attendees on the Zoom call, so please consider attending!  

Even if you don't attend the lecture on the 8th, you can still watch all of the YouTube videos, at your own pace.  I have been watching the other videos all week and still haven't seen them all!  It's been so inspiring, so I invite you to watch and be inspired!

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