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Friday, August 17, 2012

It's a Blog Carnival, and you're invited!

Mini pu-erh tuo cha: source unknown.
(They were a gift.)
What's the occasion?  The Association of Tea Bloggers and their Tea Bloggers' Choice Awards.  As a member of the Association, I'm collecting nominations for "favorite teas", and I have too many favorites!  I can only nominate one tea for each category (see below), but I drink mostly flavored black tea blends, and don't know which one to choose as my favorite, not to mention, I'm still getting familiar with the many other teas available and don't know that I have a favorite, say, oolong or pu-erh tea (yet).  So, I ask for your help: which are your favorite teas?

Black tea (flavored and unflavored): I have so many favorites (see previous post) for flavored tea blends, that it's just silly.  I still don't know which one to choose!  The ones I've been drinking most this summer (as cold-brew iced teas) include Satori Tea Bar's Earl Grey Creme which is a smooth vanilla Earl Grey, Lady Londonderry which is a strawberry-lemon scented black tea, and Valley of Heart's Delight which is a black tea flavored with stone fruits; Lisa's Tea Treasures' Royal Wedding which is a raspberry champagne flavored Darjeeling; and Whittard of Chelsea's Orange Blossom black tea.  My favorite unflavored black tea blend is between Taylor of Harrogate's Yorkshire Gold and Tfactor Specialty Teas' Cream of Assam, although I've started to become interested in 2nd flush Darjeelings ... I've also been drinking a lot of Tazo Tea's Chai, iced.  However, these are all blends, and I don't know that I have tasted that many unblended black teas!

Oolong tea (flavored and unflavored): My favorite unflavored oolong tea is Orange Blossom Phoenix Mountain Oolong from Red Blossom Tea Company.  I don't have a favorite flavored oolong blend, but I'm currently trying a few ... I seem to lean towards the green oolongs rather than the ambers, although I tried Stash's Coconut Mango Wuyi Oolong years ago and liked it.

Green tea (flavored and unflavored): My favorite flavored green tea blend is Celestial Seasonings' Candy Cane Lane.

White tea (flavored and unflavored): I don't have a favorite unflavored white tea, and the only flavored white tea that I've really tried is Republic of Teas' Orange Blossom 100% White Tea.

Pu-erh tea (flavored and unflavored): I have a few mini tuocha of pu-erh, but I haven't tried them yet, and am still pretty unfamiliar with pu-erh, so I don't have a favorite (yet)!

Herbal infusion (blend and single-herb): My favorite herbal blend is between Twinings' Lemon Ginger and Stash's Licorice Spice.  My favorite single-herb infusion is probably Stash's Oregon Peppermint.

See?  Too many favorites.  

The host for the Blog Carnival is Jason of Walker Tea Review. Here are some other blogs that are participating.  Hop on over and take a look at other favorite teas; you may find one you haven't tried yet, and discover a new favorite tea for yourself!

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Leave a comment down below, and feel free to leave comments on the other blogs participating in the carnival, and help choose the favorite teas! 

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