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Friday, December 10, 2010

Afternoon tea in San Jose: Satori Tea Bar.

Satori Tea Bar street sign.
Did you know you could have afternoon tea at Satori Tea Bar in downtown San Jose?  The shop is not only a good source for flavored and unflavored loose tea blends, and a quiet place to sit and enjoy a pot of tea and a pastry.  Victoria, the owner, has put together a couple of afternoon tea menus that can be customized to suit an occasion or the dietary requirements of the customer.  Advance notice is, of course, necessary!  There are two options: the Demi Tea and the Full Tea.  The Demi Tea costs $21.95 and includes a pot of your choice of tea, a scone with clotted cream, jam and honey, and four large tea sandwiches. 
Demi Tea plate with savories and scone

The South Bay Ladies’ Tea Guild recently enjoyed the Demi Tea there.  One of the group had a food allergy to nuts, peanuts and sesame, and Victoria re-worked the menu to make it nut-free.  The Guild ladies were also happy to discover that the pots of tea are served already brewed, with the tea decanted into a second, warmed teapot rather than left to sit on the tea leaves.  This is a big improvement in tea service, because it ensures that the tea doesn’t over-steep and grow bitter, and Satori Tea Bar is possibly the only tea parlor in San Jose that does this! 
You can choose any of these teas!

The Guild ladies enjoyed a selection of teas, including Earl Grey Creme black tea, Kyoto Cherry Green tea, a Pineapple Mango black tea and a Strawberry Red Tea blend.  The food was served on a three-tiered server.  The raisin scones were served warm and were lovely with the locally-made cranberry preserves, clotted cream and honey.  The sandwiches and savories included cucumber and cream cheese, goat cheese and arugula, and egg salad sandwiches, and a peppery ham and cheese pasty.  The Guild ladies were served personally by the owner, who was attentive and cheerful. 

Satori Tea Bar is an artistic, stylish shop decorated with a combination of modern art and antiques, that creates a welcoming atmosphere for all tea lovers.  It is a place where young and old, male and female can come to enjoy a cup or pot of great tea, without being surrounded by lace and ruffles, and yet still experience elegant things. 

Satori Tea will be hosting an event called Madhattress Holiday Teafest on Wednesday, December 15th at 8 p.m.  Click here for more information and to register.  You can also call (408) 292-1502 or e-mail
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