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Thursday, September 3, 2009

What to do with fresh peaches? Have them with tea!

1895 "Berry" peach from Wikipedia.
While peach season is technically in August, they are still available in September around San Jose! Don’t forget to enjoy them right now, either fresh (with cream and sugar), or made into savory dishes and salsas to accompany meat, and many delectable desserts. Why not even give a tea party featuring peaches? You can purchase any one of the many peach flavored tea blends available in the supermarkets or online, or you can make your own. I suggest a nice Taiwanese oolong tea as the base for your peach tea.

To make your own peach tea at home, you should have:
  • fresh or dried peaches, or peach juice
  • granulated sugar
  • fresh water
  • unflavored oolong tea (from Taiwan, if you can get it), or other unflavored tea
First, fill your kettle with fresh water and put it on to boil. Meanwhile, pour hot tap water into your teapot, swirl the water around inside to warm it, and set it aside for a few minutes. If using dried peaches, chop them into small pieces. If using a fresh peach, take out the pit and chop it into small pieces, then sprinkle a few tablespoons of sugar over the fruit and let it sit for a few minutes. When the water in the kettle boils, take it off the heat. Empty the hot water out of your teapot, and measure 1 tablespoon of tea leaves, and at least 1 tablespoon of chopped peaches into the teapot. Pour the just-boiled water over it and let it steep for 3 minutes, then strain into teacups. You can add some more peach pieces to the bottom of each teacup before you pour in the tea, if you want. If using peach juice, omit putting peach pieces into the teapot with the tea, and brew the tea as usual. Strain the peach juice through cheesecloth, if desired, to remove the pulp, and add a teaspoon or two of juice to each teacup after you've filled it 3/4 of the way with tea. Add more peach juice or sugar as desired, to flavor the tea, and enjoy!

Here are a variety of menu choices for your own Peach Tea party!

Oolong tea or Peach flavored tea

Clotted cream or Mexican crema
Peach jam
Peaches and Cream Scones

Grilled Peaches Wrapped in Prosciutto
Peach mint salsa on crostini
Sliced peach and turkey sandwiches

Peaches and cream
Peach cobbler
Individual Peach Pies
Peach ice cream
Peach pound cake

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Teashop Girl said...

Peach tea sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing this idea.

South Bay Ladies' Tea Guild said...

Yes, a lot of fresh fruits can be added to your cup of tea to flavor it. I find that fruit juice can water down the tea too much, so I prefer using pieces of fresh fruit or a spoonful of jam in the bottom of the teacup. I hope you enjoy making your own!

Anonymous said...

Ah. The peach tea is a good recipe since it's not going to be at all unhealthy in spite of the added sugar that really needs to go with the tea. It struck me also that the peaches could be cut up into little chunks and frozen, then used like ice cubes to make iced tea. Another idea for the heat everyone's feeling this Fall. --Spirituality of Tea

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Let fall the curtains, wheel the sofa round,
And, while the bubbling and loud-hissing urn
Throws up a steamy column, and the cups
That cheer but not inebriate, wait on each,
So let us welcome peaceful evening in.
-- William Cowper (1731-1800)
"The Winter Evening" (Book Four), _The Task_ (1784)